Invest in a condo in the Philippines with your Super

Can you buy a home overseas with your Self-Managed Super Fund (SMFS)? The answer to this question is yes, you can.

Many people don’t realize the huge potential that their superannuation offers them and that they have the ability to borrow from their super and use that as leverage to buy an investment condo in the Philippines that will generate income for them.

The Best ROI Possible

If you’ve been wondering if using your super to buy an investment condo in the Philippines is the right decision to make or not your choice should always come down to the return on investment that you will be able to earn with your super versus an investment property.

Example: With your super you may currently be earning up to $9,000 annually but with an investment condo you may be able to earn a net return up to $36,000 or more annually.

Before Buying an Investment Condo with Your Super Do This

As with any Real Estate investment there’s going to be fees and or charges that will need to be paid and when you use your SMSF to buy an investment property these fees will lower the balance of your super.

Speak with your super fund manager about the cost of buying an investment condo with your super because some of the fees that you can expect to pay include: legal fees, advice fees, stamp duty, upfront fees, legal fees, bank fees and property management fees.

Tax Free Capital Gain

After you’ve paid back profits into your superannuation at the maximum of 15%, and met the retirement criteria, you will be able to enjoy a tax free capital gain if any profit has been made in the event that you decide to sell the investment condo in the near future.

Most people don’t know that they have the ability to use their super to buy an invest property because this option has only been available to investors for a few years and it’s important to use an experienced mortgage broker and or super fund manager to complete this transaction.

Learn More about Investment Condos in the Philippines

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