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Live The Life In The Philippines!

Philippines – The archipelago which is known to house the world’s most gracious people filled with warmth and hospitality is the scenic cluster of more than seven thousand islands located at the eastern edge of Asia. As Asia’s largest Catholic Country, some of the most gorgeous beaches form a part of the world’s largest coastline. With over a hundred ethnic groups, Philippines showcases a unique blend of culture and foreign influence among its citizens who proudly establish a rhythm by calling themselves Filipinos!

If you are looking to Live The Life In The Philippines then you are at the right place as we bring to you a variety of information that will ease out your stay, whether it is for a holiday, extended stay or even permanent residency. Benefit from our vast array of services that have been experienced personally on the ground by our team, tailored and brought forth before you.

We grant access to patronized condominiums served for investment and/or residency. Giving you freedom of movement with the help of the domestic courier and cargo services LBC, we have tie ups with many travel agents in the country. Our condominiums are available for foreigners engaged into PRA (Participatory Rural Appraisal) as well. So what are you waiting for – Make it large – Live The Life In The Philippines!


Richard Hoskins
Experienced World Traveler
Travel being my passion, I experience the world – making a mark of my own!